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This is a hot seat, tabletop board game simulator, with build in editor.

Race your friends around the world via a network of connected routers to see who gets there first!

Entry for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4

The rules of the games are simple: each round roll two dice and decide to keep one of them, then move the number of steps equal to what that die shows.  If you end up on a square with a number you will have to move a additional number of steps (either forward if it's a + square or backward if it's a - square).  If you end up on a square with a question mark you need to draw a card, the card may force you to move forward, back or give you a key.  Some squares are locked and you need to first pick up a key to cross them, and you pick up a key be either ending your round on a square with a key symbol or getting the keys from a random card. To win the game be the first one to end you turn on the square marked with the trophy symbol.

The game also features a in-game board editor. You can make your own board to play on by simply placing the tiles/square on the board and connecting them. Yo can even share you boards with friends, just copy the files from the 'maps' directory


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